Cut GrassGrasses can add beautiful, green touches to any landscape or lawn.  Landscaping grasses create decorative meadows and vistas full of texture and color. Brilliant green tints and shades bring contrast to patios and decks. Michigan lawns are brought to life with Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fine Fescues (Creeping Red).  There is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass on a warm Clare Michigan summer day.

Lawn Mowing

LawnmowerWe work hard to make your lawn look amazing.  We can customize your lawn mowing to meet your specific needs.  We can do decorative striping that gives your grass a groomed appearance or just a normal mow.  We change the angle each time we mow to keep the grass from leaning to one side which can make your grass stronger and healthier.  Depending on your preference we can collect grass clippings or use a mulching mower.


DethatchDead grass stems and roots know as thatch can build up in your yard and prevent water and nutrients from reaching the soil.  This can weaken grass and it will be more easily killed by frost and drought.  Thick layers of thatch can also hold more insects and allow fungus to grow.  We use thatching rakes and other tools like vertical mowers called a verticutter or dethatcher to loosen the thatch layer.  Then we discard the debris.


lawn edgeClean and well defined edges around sidewalks, curbs, flowerbeds, and trees can make your lawn stand out with a professional look.  We use a power edger to make crisp defining lines which makes your grass have a nice geometrical look.


AerationAeration can rejuvenate the soil that your grass depends on for healthy growth.  An aerator allows nutrients to reach the soil by making a small hole or removing a small portion of grass.  Water and nutrients can reach the roots easier and allow for vigorous healthy growth.  We use plug aerators or spike aerators to accomplish this.

Filling Bare Spots

Bare spots in grassWe can add seed and fill in any bare spots making your grass appear even and solid green.