Grass SeedHave you been thinking about turning your yard into soft green grass? Good soil, planting grass at the right time of year, and choosing the right type of grass are all things to consider.

Prepping Soil For Grass Seeds

SoilTesting the soil and improving it before seeding your grass lawn can prevent future problems with your yard. You can avoid necessary work due to uneven germination and even reduce your water usage. A good top soil layer can allow the seeds to take root easier and will allow the ground to hold more water.

We can use a soil test kit to determine a good type of grass, kill existing weeds, till the ground, and put down topsoil to get your lawn ready for grass seed.

What Kind Of Grass To Plant

Sprouted GrassKentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fine Fescues (Creeping Red) are all popular grasses in Clare Michigan. The Department of Natural Resources has excellent advice on grass planting depending on your soil type, how wet the ground is, and how much shade the area receives.

When To Plant Grass Seed In Clare Michigan

The best time to seed your grass depends on the time of year that is optimum for the specific type of grass that you want to grow. Grasses are engineered to be either cool season grasses (also known as winter grass) or warm season grasses (also known as summer grass). It is best to read the label for your particular grass, but as a rough guide plant most grasses in Clare Michigan at the following times:
Winter Grass — April 10—June 5, July 15—August 15

Summer Grass — May 5—June 15

Spreading Grass Seed

Spreading GrassWe use a walk behind broadcast spreader to cover your lawn and a hand spreader for smaller areas. We make sure all areas of your lawn have an even spread of seed.

Watering Your New Lawn

Watering GrassIt is important to keep the soil moist and watering lightly 3 or 4 times a day is ideal. It is important not to saturate the ground with too much water which can rot the seeds or wash them away.


SodIf you need an instant grass lawn then you might consider going with sod. It can be installed anytime in the spring, summer, or fall unlike seeding your lawn.

We can prepare your lawn by removing weeds, tilling the soil, and adding fertilizer or topsoil. We can level the ground if necessary. We will roll out and install sod over your lawn.